Short Links to KML content Beta!

Note currently My Maps - now refered to as Classic My Maps, is currently been discontinued, and Maps Engine Lite, has been renamed (new) My Maps. To consolidate the products. Alas it seems to have broken some of the features of this page, possibly wont be able to use this page propelly. I will endevour to fix it, as soon as the new website has stabalized.

Use this page make referencing multiple Google Maps at once easy. With the resultant KML URL, you can point people towards it to open in Google Earth, or you can provide a link so people can see all the included Maps at once in Google Maps.

Supports: My Maps/Custom Maps (in My Places) and Maps Engine Lite/Pro

    • For My Maps/Custom Maps: right click the 'View in Google Earth' icon under the Map Description when viewing your map
    • For Map Engine Lite/Pro: Just copy the link from the address bar, when viewing your map (Map must be publically shared)
    • you will need to repeat individually for each map required
    • Google Maps will only display 10 Maps at once (more will be saved, but wont display on GMaps)

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Notes: You will be given a short link that is a permanent link to your content. In addition you will be given a special secret admin url, which can be used to view rudimentary stats and/or change the destination of the link or delete it should the need arise, you should save this link somewhere safe!