Short Links to KML content Beta!

Use this page make referencing your KML or KMZ content easy, for this to work the file needs to be hosted online somewhere. You can use this page to simply generate a network link, with the added benefit that the URL is shortened! Use of this service is free.

FAQ: Why use this, can't I just provide the link direct to the KML file? You can, but the advantage of making a networkLink wrapper to the file, is that if you update the file in the future, Google Earth will download the fresh content, without the user having to visit the link again manually to fetch updated content and then replace it their Places tree.

You are giving them a link to the content (in a method that Google Earth can understand) rather than causing them to download a static copy of the data once. There is bandwidth implications in that they file may be downloaded multiple times, if the content will never change you can use the Redirect option and still take advantage of the short link.

Create a KML container to a group of My Maps new!

  1. (Can be a static or dynamically generated file)
  2. Choose your link method

  3. (if you tick this box might list this content somewhere in the future, otherwise the link will not be disclosed)

  4. (note at this stage minimal validation is done, so its easy to generate an invalid link!)
  5. (you shouldnt see this - its an antispam measure)

Notes: You will be given a short link that is a permanent link to your content. In addition you will be given a special secret admin url, which can be used to view rudimentary stats and/or change the destination of the link or delete it should the need arise, you should save this link somewhere safe!